Increase Customer LTV by 6% Year on Year: Discover Effective Data-Driven Customer Retention

How to increase value with effective data driven customer retention

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Engage, Convert, Repeat.
Retain your customers, longer.

Would you like to understand how NeuCurrent can help you identify negative trends in customer retention, select and launch relevant customer engagements, and achieve
sales increase of 15%?

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Make your conversion rates bigger at scale.

AI-driven product and content recommendations are available on all touchpoints with customers.

Automated Marketing made flexible.

Omnichannel communication platform to create the best communication strategies at each step of customer journey.

Compelling stories to tell your clients.

All data brought to the same place: enhancing the experience, maximisingthe conversion.

NeuCurrent for omnichannel retailers.

All online and offline data about your customers

BigQuery retail data warehouse

Targeted product recommendations driven by AI

Automated marketing and customised content on all channels

Omnichannel communication platform

Simple interface to create customer engagement and monitor campaign performance

Personalised recommendations

increase in sales on website
increase in conversion
of all website sales come from recommendations

Omnichannel communications

of retail customers who return to the website make a purchase
increase in retail customers who return to the website
increase in conversion
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